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Title: Cleaner Tutorial - PS beginers
Post by: linuxnofear on May 07, 2010, 12:17:10 am
Here is a little tutorial for you who never used Photoshop!

-If you never used the program. Then you either give this up or you start the program and look around a bit.

-I suggest you do these things: Make a "New" workspace, try out the basic tools as Brush Tool, Zoom Tool (it is suggested to go to "Edit->Preferences->General" and check the "Zoom with Scroll Wheel", you can zoom with set intervals by holding Shift while scrolling), Marquee and Lasso Tool and Eraser Tool. Go ahead and try others to.

-Now you should set up your workspace. The windows you might need in PS is History, Layers, Actions and Tool Presets (if you are going to Typeset to then you will need Character too) and of course it is good to have the Tool window too, but not necessary, all tools have their short key. Brush Tool is "B", Marquee is "M" etc. Hold over the tools button in Tool window to see its short key.  The basic ones is good to learn for faster working.

-Okay, lets look at the History window. This is basically just whatever you have done on the space/project you are working on. If you undo, ctrl+Z, you will go back in the history. But only one step next time you press the you will go forward in the history and then back. If you want to go more steps backward, then press ctrl+alt+Z, and if you press ctrl+shit+Z you will go forward only. You can of course just press anywhere in the History list to go to that state. Every action made is named after what you did.

-Lets go over to Layers window. If you have a new empty space there should only be one object in the Layer window, Background or whatever translation you use. 
Now, sometime when you makes objects, like with Rectangle Tool, adds a Text or copy in a new object, that new object will be in a new layer. You can also add a new layer by pressing the New Layer button down in the Layer window or press the short key ctrl+shit+N.

-Then we have the Action window. This is for the more experienced users. But it won't hurt to learn it now. This is one of the best way to make cleaning/monotone work fast and easy. What you do is to make a new action Set. Maybe one per project. Then you make a new Action. Now you will see that there is a little red ball down in the Action window, this means that now is PS recording whatever action you do. So if you would use Brush Tool somewhere it will record exactly what and where you did it and add it to your action. If you are not ready to add actions to the list, just press the stop button next to the red record button. If you mark one action you can always add and remove new stuff to it. You will find this very useful later on. Just don't forget to turn off recording when you have added your desired actions.

-Tool Presets window is what it is named. You just save Tools settings and is able to recall them later, this is especially good for Text fonts.
-Character window is only the settings for the Text Tool.

-Now there is some other stuff that is good to know. Many of the lays in the Image  menu. First with have Mode where you set what color to use. Most used is RGB for color picture and Grayscale for black, gray and white pictures. The later one is mostly used in Scanlation.

-Then we have Adjustments with the most used options is Level (ctrl+L) and Curves (ctrl+M).  Level will give you a slider with three pointers to change, black, midtone/gamma and white. Sliding black toward white will make gray colors darker/black and white toward black will do the other way around. Moving gamma will change the colors from within. A good way to see how it works is to use Gradient Tool and make a black to white scale and the use Level and test. Curves does this to but it is more complicated and of course more options, and it can also adjust colors. I don't use it so I can't say so much about it, but some editors do it often.

-Then we have Image Size which is often used to. This will scale the whole picture. If you want to add more space to work on but not scale what you already have you can either make a new space with the size you need and copy over everything. Or you can use Canvas size that adds to the boarders.

-Then we have the Filters menu. At the bottom you will find extra programs that you might add to your PS later for special use. In here we also have some useful filters that you can add. Most of these is not useful for Cleaning but for other things you might do in PS. But useful is Surface Blur in Blur tab and Reduce Noise in Noise tab. Try these out and see how they work.

-And finally there is saving. If you want to be able to continue working on a project and not lose layers you must save the project/picture as a PSD. If you are done with it you should save color pictures in JPEG and grayscale in PNG. Don't forget that it is good to save your work in PSD if you later see that you made a mistake.

-Okay, this was some basics. Now try these things out and learn.
Title: Re: Cleaner Tutorial - PS beginers
Post by: Sikander on June 27, 2013, 12:24:09 pm
Hello i am sikander just your average lazy 17 year old bastard that has been reading manga and watching anime for almost 2 years and i got curious about you work and in particulair cleaning a manga you have already posted a tutorial but i am the type that isn't good with words i do understand wat is written out there but i have a hard time (not really hard time) imageing that fot that i use pictures and videos to get the thought so if i could get a link or site for a cleaning tutorial video that would be nice i can already use a little bit of the basics of photoshop cs5 already thanks for the trouble (sorry for the bad english and grammer)

greetings, Sikander
Title: Re: Cleaner Tutorial - PS beginers
Post by: georgi on June 27, 2013, 06:26:10 pm
Hi Sikander,

try looking at the videos here

There are also other tutorials available online, if you look for them, but yeah, this is what we've got, and linux isn't really around anymore and I don't expect him to post a reply :)

edit: the tutorials are posted here rather
Title: Re: Cleaner Tutorial - PS beginers
Post by: Sikander on June 29, 2013, 02:18:06 pm
which ps version do you use in the link?
Title: Re: Cleaner Tutorial - PS beginers
Post by: georgi on June 29, 2013, 04:55:57 pm
That's not me, so I don't know, but probalby CS6 or CS5?
/me shrugs
Title: Re: Cleaner Tutorial - PS beginers
Post by: Konekoc on January 03, 2014, 04:24:54 pm
Hi Moderator

I have been visiting imangascan for quite some time, thanks for so many great manga.  I am also a fan of Ace of Diamond and Baby step.  Hence i am offering my very amature cleaning service for Ace of Diamond, since i remember a notice sometime ago that there is no cleaner for Ace of Diamond.

I have no experience, but i have done cleaning for volume 24,
Code: [Select][\code]
hope it is usable.  Please let me know if there is any page you need me to re done.
[missing page are pages that do not need cleaning].

Hope to hear from you.
Title: Re: Cleaner Tutorial - PS beginers
Post by: georgi on January 04, 2014, 01:26:08 am
You didn't really level - e.g. lots of dust in the blacks, and you also left a bunch of bg text and titles non-redrawn (not sure if there are any double pages that need to be connected, didn't really check), but generally it seems ok. Not sure if it will be used, and we're still far away from v24, but good work.
Title: Re: Cleaner Tutorial - PS beginers
Post by: Konekoc on January 04, 2014, 02:21:38 am
Hi thanks for the reply and pointer, i will repair them.  No double page.  Well  have some free time if you need any volume clean  have vl 1- 38. i want to improve and learn though.
Title: Re: Cleaner Tutorial - PS beginers
Post by: avivfe on April 20, 2014, 09:20:43 pm
 what photoshop is it in the cleaning tutorial video "Cleaning Tutorial 0 - Basic Actions" by alexADHD?
and if i want to start cleaning, what's the fastest way to start being useful to imangascans?
Title: Re: Cleaner Tutorial - PS beginers
Post by: georgi on April 21, 2014, 02:26:37 am
CS6, I'm pretty sure.

To be useful, we'd need to find a series for you to work on first. The fastest way is to get on IRC and talk to me.
Title: Re: Cleaner Tutorial - PS beginers
Post by: joeshen on April 22, 2014, 06:44:27 am
CS6, I'm pretty sure.

To be useful, we'd need to find a series for you to work on first. The fastest way is to get on IRC and talk to me.

I'm here just to say that you're correct, it is CS6. =)